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About the project

23/04/2015, 10:April

This website is realized due to the project "Development and testing of a system for analysis and management of scientific and project work in NSA" Vassil Levski" approved by the Academic Council of the National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski" with Protocol №20/ 20.03.2014. The project was funded in 2014 and was extended until 2015 by amounts of money earmarked from the state budget for scientific activities.


The team that works on the project:

Chief of the project: prof. Dimitar Mihailov, Ph.D.
Milena Kuleva - Assistant and PhD candidate
Milen Chalakov, doctor - Hear assistant in "Informatics"


Main activities of the project:

Activity 1 - Project management
Activity 2 - Activities related to the organization of a subcontractor for development of web-based system, system implementation, testing and training for work with the system.
Action 3 - Entering data into a web-based system.
Action 4 - Conducting a scientific study for the development of sports science in NSA "Vassil Levski", processing and analysis of a survey data.
Activity 5 - Dissemination of results.